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Our Core Values

One Family


A black-owned, veteran-owned adult behavioral health center with an emphasis on excellence and the belief that what we do is bigger than who we are.  We are decidedly unique in our service mindset — lead with love, compassion, and understanding.  We reflect the diversity of our community with peer support specialists who connect with clients at every stage of their transformation journey.

One Mission


Our mission is to transform not only lives but generations by focusing on the underserved and people of color in our community while going beyond therapy to mend the spirit and humanity of the whole person.  Agape Love is a culturally sensitive environment, with a history of service to the Native American community.  We support even the most remote, underserved communities in AZ through outreaches, local Valley transportation services, and securing resources to meet basic needs.

One Vision

International Day of Friendship concept: Family at sunrise background

We believe that no one is defined by their lowest point and with the right environment, sincere educators, and a supportive curriculum an individual can become a productive and contributing member of the community.  Agape Love is a testament demonstrated by the referrals, social media support, and continued volunteer work from current and former clients as well as our partners.

About Agape Love

At Agape Love, we strive to support Arizona communities by providing support from our talented staff and volunteers to serve in a culturally diverse environment where services may not be available to those in need. Agape Love is a Black Owned, and Veteran Owned behavioral health and community center based in Phoenix providing services in some of the most remote communities in the state that have no access to certain services.


We are in network with American Indian Health Plan.  We are in process of securing additional insurance providers to serve our growing and diverse set of clients.

Agape Love Community Center care provides assessments, diagnosis, and treatment using group and individual therapy for adults.  To support the human spirit of each client.  Our case management team addresses the obstacles that prevent many from seeking treatment including access, transportation, and resources.  We are located in the Greater Phoenix area; however we conduct outreach in remote locations across Arizona in person and via telehealth to serve the underserved and people of color.

Our Staff

Our staff at Agape Love provides our clients with the best programs to assist communities like yours and build more meaningful relationships that thrive throughout.


No open positions at this time.


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A Word From Our President

Jermaine Ahkeem Prince | Founder & President - Photo Credit: Unknown

It is with a humble heart and gratitude that I serve as the founder and President of Agape Love Community Center, an adult outpatient behavioral health treatment center in Phoenix, AZ with a second location opening soon in Mesa, AZ. We are a black-owned, veteran-owned company that lives our values every day as our clients will readily tell you. Agape Love leads with love, compassion, and understanding.

I would like to introduce myself and why I founded Agape Love. Originally from Los Angeles, I now live in the Greater Phoenix area with my two amazing children. My experience is diverse – from the military to corporate life, a myriad of behavioral health settings and now as a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses in our Phoenix community. I have a very deep and spiritual connection to addressing the overwhelming mental health needs in our community, especially for the people of color and the underserved.

I believe that every person can be the one you want to be. With access to quality behavioral health care, a willingness to dig deep, and a commitment to doing the work it takes to heal you can absolutely be the one. Agape Love is the voice for those who are struggling to change their trajectory and become empowered with the understanding that they can be more, and do more. We see the mental health crisis all around us every day in Phoenix and I am dedicated
to paving the path to a better tomorrow so that those we serve can change their lives and the lives of their future generations. I am incredibly proud of the work the team at Agape Love does in Phoenix and throughout remote areas of AZ serving clients of domestic violence shelters, group homes, and our Native American communities. Agape Love is here to inspire change in those we collectively serve.

Agape Love’s approach is based on client-centered care using an evidence-based curriculum as well as an integrated model featuring mental wellness and holistic therapy to treat the whole of the human spirit. Attention to quality care is key to our core values and everything we do focuses on that end goal for those we serve, our team, and our community. Mental health and well-being are a shared community experience affecting all of us and those that follow us.

I am truly excited that you chose Agape Love to support your behavioral health needs. We know you can be the one. Come as you are, we are here for you.

We wish you insight, peace, and happiness,

Jermaine Akeem Prince
Founder and President



Covid 19 Precautions

We conduct daily patient and staff screenings, facilitate ongoing preventative cleaning, encourage social-distancing and handwashing, and strongly recommend mask wearing.

We know that treatment for behavioral health issues are more critical now than ever before. We are here to create a safe space for staff and the patients we serve. Agape Love also offers telehealth services to our patients for group or individual therapy as needed.